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Radiation Field

The Commission aims in coordination and cooperation with relevant authorities to achieve the following:

  1. Regulate and control the use of nuclear energy and ionizing radiation.
  2. Protect the environment, human health and property from the hazards of Contamination and exposure to ionizing radiation in accordance with the Provisions of this law.
  3. Ensure the fulfillment of requirements of public safety, radiation Protection, and nuclear safety and security.



Subject to what is stipulated above, the Commission shall undertake The following duties:

  1. Granting licenses and permits for radiation institutions, nuclear facilities, and workers in the radiation and nuclear fields.
  2. Check the commitment of the licensees to implement the terms of this law, regulations and instructions issued accordingly.
  3. Control on the implementation of the terms of this law and conduct Inspection for any installation or body for this purpose.
  4. Contact institutions and commissions concerned with regulating and control of Nuclear energy, radiation protection, and nuclear safety and security in the Arab and foreign countries to benefit from the expertise, scientific research, and assistance in their field of work.
  5. Participate in Arab, regional and international projects concerned with nuclear energy, radiation protection, nuclear safety and security, related to expertise or research with the consent of the cabinet.
  6. Regulate relations between Jordanian entities concerned with radiation protection, and nuclear safety and security; and all regional and International organizations and agencies.
  7. Implement comprehensive safeguards, create a system to account for and control of all nuclear materials subject to these safeguards.


The Commission Regulate its work in the sector through The provisions of the law and Following legislations:

  • The Safe Use of Nuclear Energy No. 43 of 2014
  • Bases and conditions for granting licenses and permits for radio work No. 8 of 2013
  • License Fees and Radio Permits No. 9 of 2013
  • Radiological Protection System No. 108 of 2015
  • Radioactive Transmission System No. 32 of 2016


By the creation, organization and maintenance of a control system on radiological practices in the fields of medical, industrial, scientific research applications and other radiological applications involving the use of ionizing radiation from various sources, from the pre-recruitment stage through the issuance of the registration, registration, Monitoring and follow-up during the stages of transportation, use and application, and ensuring that the safety and security of these sources is monitored, until the stage of final disposal, safety and safely, in terms of radiation protection, in a manner that ensures the safety and security of the Risks associated with these practices and the expected consequences and what can be expected in the foreseeable and long term, according to the laws and regulations and instructions in this regard.


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