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"Total commitment to the highest standards of nuclear safety"


 "Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission" is the regulatory authority to regulate safe use of nuclear energy sector, the Commission aims with coordinate and cooperate with the relevant authorities to regulate and control the use of nuclear energy and ionizing radiation and protect the environment and human health from the risk of radioactive contamination and exposure to ionizing radiation and ensure the availability of the conditions and requirements of safety and radiation protection and nuclear safety and security.

The main objectives of EMRC are to initiate regulations and inspection processes, also the issuance of the personal and institutional permissions and licenses which it is needed for the operation of nuclear facilities, Although to Verify the Licensee's obligation where it shall meet and match the applicable legislation in addition to communicate with the international bodies that concerned with nuclear regulations to exchange experiences and scientific research

EMRC is reviewing, analysing, and evaluating of any radiation and nuclear accidents with any environmental pollution caused by radioactive leakage and to investigate the causes thereof to take the corrective actions needed with the related and concerned authorities to prevent the occurrence of such incidents or to mitigate them and treat their effects.

EMRC is working to achieve the country commitment to treaties and international conventions related to nuclear applications such as the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, the Nuclear Safeguards Agreement, and the Physical Protection Agreement.


Nuclear activities regulated by EMRC authority


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