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Monitoring & Emergency Unit

مركز الطوارئ

Functions of the Unit

This unit has been developed to monitor and supervise the performance of licensees by the energy and Minerals Regulatory commission, as well as to receive complaints from the licensor's service providers and, following the most important tasks of the unit:




  • Supervising the performance of licensed entities by the authority to ensure that their responsibilities in the licenses granted to them are carried out compliance with the legislation in force relating to crises, weather conditions and other emergency situations.
  • Oversee the preparation of the Emergency management plan, address errors and deviations in its implementation and follow up on the implementation of the proposed corrective actions.
  • Verification of the preparedness of the energy and Minerals Regulatory commission operators in crisis and emergency management.
  • Ensure that comprehensive plans and strategies are in existence to strengthen preventive security measures for risk prevention and to coordinate efforts among national institutions in the protection of vital installations and facilities in energy and Minerals Regulatory commission
  • Ensure the existence and reinforcement of human and technical security protection and escorts and periodic inspection teams to protect all facilities of operators of the energy and Minerals Regulatory commission around the clock.
  • Ensure that appropriate equipment, emergency rooms and offices and human cadres are in place to manage crisis, emergency situations and verification the communication centers are ready to respond to communications, move immediately and verify that the information is conveyed correctly, properly and with high transparency.
  • Periodic and non-periodic reports of the Executive Chairman the achievements and results of the work of the unit during the period of crisis and declared emergencies and during normal working hours.
  • Supervise the provision of information required for the work of the unit and notify the Board of Commissioners of the energy and Minerals Regulatory commission of any relevant or emergency information and the provision of protective equipment the overall safety of staff in the field and the provision of the necessary means of transport and communications during the crisis and emergency period.


Receiving complaints

Receive all complaints, cases, transactions and enquiries concerning the sector at 24-hour telephone 5805025.


Electricity companies contact centers in the kingdom

To report or complain about electricity disconnection from a particular area, illegal electricity or any notes on electrical sector matters You can review the contact points of electricity companies on the following telephone numbers:

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