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President Letter

President Letter

I am pleased to present to you the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC) in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, established to monitor and regulate the energy and minerals sectors. EMRC is the legal successor of the Electricity Regulatory Commission, the Jordan Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the former Natural Resources Authority.


EMRC serves as the regulatory and monitoring body for the Electricity, Radiation Protection, Nuclear Safety & Security, and Mining Sectors, and therefore, ensures the application and enforcement of laws, by-laws, instructions, and directives specific to the regulation within these sectors.  EMRC practices its role to ensure the sustainability of the electric power system, especially in emergency circumstances, to follow up with electricity companies to develop plans to increase the preparedness of the electrical system, and to strengthen the role of judicial/law enforcement officers who follow up on cases like the illegal withdrawal of electricity (electric theft) in various parts in the Kingdom. EMRC also monitors & regulates all radioactive practices in the Kingdom, where it ensures that staff, equipment, and institutions operational within this sector are duly licensed to exercise radioactive-related business, and ensures that radiation protection requirements are met and applied within radiological facilities. Finally, EMRC investigates the compliance of quarries and rock crushing plants with the granted licenses and the conditions on business practice, along with remedying the cases of violation thereof.

 The Commission has adopted several methods for cooperation with various national, regional and international institutions, expanding the channels of communication, and strengthening the cooperation links with local, regional and international entities by acceding to treaties and signing agreements and memoranda of understanding.

The Commission shall continue intensifying its efforts and activities to achieve its mission that includes ensuring the provision of safe, sustainable, quality, cost effective and ongoing services by means of advancing the scope of organization, monitoring and competition in the energy and minerals sector, uses of nuclear energy and ionized radiation in peaceful areas to ensure the interests of both the consumers and investors under the Hashemite leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein. 


Chairman of the board of commissioners  

Chief Executive Officer

Eng. Farouq Al Hiyari